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The Chemtrail – H1N1 Connection

Since early March of 2009 the skies over Canada’s Capital City have been littered with chemtrails dispensed by jets that resemble Boeing passenger 747’s. It all started about a week or so before Swine Flu news hit the mainstream. From that point on, the amount of chemtrails being sprayed in to the skies has gradually intensified.

So the question that needs to be asked is what is being sprayed into our skies, and why ? It is known amongst certain groups of people, that chemtrails consist mainly of Barium salts and Aluminum.

This cocktail appears as a white spray (similar to a contrail, but lingers in the sky) and once dispersed can easily be mistaken for high altitude clouds. Some have even witnessed planes spraying a brown substance from low altitudes. This substance which has been observed, lands on the ground as a stringy/sticky gel. This gel has previously been analyzed by the Washington State Department of Heath and AmTest Laboratorie.

It appeared to be composed of red blood cells mixed with biological agents. What are the implications of such incidences and what have they become more frequent in recent months ?

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Are Geoengineering Initiatives Being
Used To Accelerate The Pandemic?

In addition to increased chemtrail activity, the skies in the Nation’s Capital have seen a drastic change in flight patterns of what appear to be commercial 747s or look alikes. Planes have been flying lower than they ever have in the last 20 years.

These jets make rounds over residential neighborhoods flying at altitudes as low as 500 ft. Neighborhoods that are a good 40 km away from the Ottawa airport. They seem to leave the airport fly in a circle over the city at extremely low altitudes and go back where they came from. The frequency of this type of occurrence in drastically increasing. The people need to ask why ? How come there are planes are flying low over houses every 5 minutes ? There certainly aren’t that many commercial flights coming in and out of Ottawa. Are the citizens being acclimated for some future event ?

On the topic of Barium, it is known that it is toxic to humans. Not only does it disrupt digestive tract function, but it affects the immune system. The immune system destroys pathogens by producing T-Cells. Barium in known to bind to T-Cell receptors and effectively deactivate them (

Is it just a coincidence that we are being warned about a deadly re-emergence of A/H1N1 this fall and our immune systems are being assaulted on a daily basis with Barium ? Probably Not.

In regards to low flying jets. Is it possible they are practicing to release a bioweapon over densely populated areas ? It has been said that biological agents must be released at lower altitudes to ensure they aren’t damaged by the low temperatures found at high altitudes. Everybody knows the NWO crowd likes to acclimate the sheep. This sets the stage for a coordinated release of some biowepon as Steve Quayle has previously spoken of.

There are actually reports coming in that such an event may be in the works. Most pieces of evidence are mere eye witness accounts; but such is the world of intelligence. This kind of information would never make it into mainstream news. In March 2009, a youtube video was released of a call someone made to a radio show called the Power Hour.

The caller had been in touch with a truck driver, working on contract for the Department of Homeland Security. He was getting paid $500 USD a load for trucking bird flu vials to various destinations within the US. All of the deliveries were made at night, and the truck(s) were all escorted by armed undercover ex-cops/private security. Many of the loads were either picked up or dropped of at underground missile silos.

The personnel receiving the deliveries were often in full Hazmat gear. The truck driver and his family were inoculated for ‘protection’ against bird flu. This truck driver was paid at a Bank of America branch in a back room. He anonymously gave a number to the bank and was paid in cash on the spot. He was summoned randomly by DHS for meetings at 3am, and examined regularly to make sure he had not contracted the virus. One of his colleagues who owned an especially long flat bed was hired as part of the operation to haul an 80 ton missile across the country.

The extremely heavy load blew his breaks and DHS promptly reacted and had them immediately fixed so he could complete the delivery. Many of the truck driver’s deliveries were extremely mysterious in nature. He was often told to drive an empty truck from one location to another and then was stopped at a random site and led down a private road to a dropoff point, (many of which were underground missile silos) so if interrogated he could not divulge sensitive information.

At one of his deliveries, he deliveried clear, refrigerated vials containing white liquid which were then loaded into a military C-130 plane. The driver earned at least a hundred of thousand dollars delivering these loads. He and and his family have since been relocated to safe housing on a military base. The woman who called in this information to the radio show has presented it to the local Police and the FBI. The response from both of them was , “this thing is so big we won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole”. Obviously something big is afoot.

In addition to the truck driver’s story one of Steve Quayle’s credible intelligence sources divulged the following information on August 25th 2009: “One notable report from the Flaming Gorge Recreation Area in Utah, Wyoming, and near Colorado cited large numbers of Italian men in one cabin and large numbers of French men in another all speaking only in Italian and French .

Also this report included excellent detail of some of these getting on Harley Davidson motorcycles after a Chinook Helicopter passed over the lodge. They were seen riding out to meet the Chinook and receiving something from it which then was taken back to the lodge. Noticeable were the large numbers of coolers at these respective cabins….perhaps the type that might keep samples of some Virus or Flu cool enough for preservation until samples were to be distributed?

With all of the clues available is it possible to conceive that after unsuspecting citizens have consumed excess amounts of Barium which has made It’s way from the clouds into the sewer systems and back into drinking water, that we are caught in a globalist conspiracy to lower our immune systems for the coming “second wave” of the so called swine flu ? Will there be a synchronized aerosol release of weaponized influenza on the masses , or will there be live virus (in addition to deadly amounts of Squalene)inside the H1N1 vaccine, or both ? In terms of a method to achieve population reduction, bioweapons can theoretically be the most effective (only second to nuclear fallout) because after the initial release it continues to spread and multiply among humans.

It’s evident from all of the mainstream propaganda about swine flu these days that we are being prepared for something big, even if the current swine flu outbreak up to this point has been no more than a joke. Time is running out for Obama and the NWO crowd to seize dictatorial control of North America. The masses are awakening at an unprecedented rate. How will the next few months unfold? Who will be victorious ?

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CIA Virus Plane Shot down in China

CIA virus plane shot down in China


CIA Operated Aerial Spraying Plane Carrying "Mutated" Virus Shot Down in China

Reports circulated in the Kremlin stating that a US government contracted airplane piloted by American CIA agents and carrying a cargo of a "mutated"swine flu virus intended for aerial spraying was shot down at China's Shanghai Pudong airport by a saboteur team of what are believed to be Israeli Mossad soldiers seeking to prevent an American attack upon one of their Central Asian bases located in the Central Asian Nation of Kyrgyzstan.

According to Chinese media reports on this incident the stricken Zimbabwean MD-ll plane, owned by the CIA linked Avient Aviation company operated by a former British military officer named Andrew Smith and registered in the UK, killed 3 American CIA agents and injured 4 other personal who are reported to be from United States, Indonesia, Belgium and Zimbabwe.

Most interesting to note in these reports on the victims of this plane shootdown is that the Indonesian man currently being treated for his injuries has ‘confessed’ to Chinese secret police forces that he is a technician employed by the United States Navy at their mysterious Naval Medical Research Unit No. 2 (NAMRU-2) located in Indonesia that Indonesian Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono had previously called for the closing of “because its operations were too secretive and were incompatible with Indonesia’s security interests.”

Even more interesting to note about this US Navy secret bio-weapons base in Indonesia (the World’s largest Muslim Nation) was its establishment in cooperation with the Rockefeller Institute, especially with it being the main center for the Americans Viral Diseases Program (VDP) they describe as the research of “epidemiologic and laboratory research on viral hemorrhagic fevers, influenza, encephalitis, and rickettsioses” and the head of this institute, David Rockefeller, long calling for a massive reduction in our World’s population.

And to the agenda currently underway to radically change our World through the mass death of its population we need look no further for its explanation than David Rockefeller’s own words he spoke before the secretive Trilateral Commission in June, 1991, when he said:
“We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.

It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”

To the United States employing planes to spread a mutated swine flu virus around the World we have further reports from China, and as we can read:
“June 26 Suspicious aircrafts were forced to land. A US operated AN-124 changed its call sign from civillian to military which then triggered a response from the IAF upon entering Pakistani air space, the plane was forced to land in Mumbai while the second one was forced down by Nigerian figther jets that also arrested the crew.

According to reports China (China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force) contacted the Indian and Nigerian intelligence officials about the presence of these US operated Ukranian aircrafts amidst growing concern that the United States were spreading “biological agents” in the Earth’s atmosphere also which some Chinese officals believed to be a attempt to mass genocide via the spread of h1n1 swine flu.

The strange thing about these reports and arrests as well as the forcing down of the planes were that these aircrafts were carrying “waste disposal” systems that could spray up to 45000kg or 100pounds of aerial type mist from sophisticated network of nano pipes that led throughout the trailing edges of the wings thereby dispersing whatever was in these tanks through a mist.”

Reports of these US planes over Ukraine have been reported as well, and as we can further read:
“Authorities in the town of Kiev, Ukraine denied any spraying of “aerosolized medication” by aircraft over the city. This after it was reported that light aircrafts were seen flying over the forest market area that sprayed a aerosol substance to fight h1n1 or swine flu.

5 Sources confirms this and the local newspapers of Kiev also received hundreds of phone calls from residents and business owners close to the area the planes were spraying the suspicious substance. Not only that but local businesses and retailers were “advised” to stay indoors during the day by the local authorities.

As if that is not enough, the government authorities also pushed the radio stations in Kiev to deny the reports. Online on forums, websites and blogs reports came in about eye witness accounts that confirms this. There was also reports of helicopters spraying aerosols over Kiev, Lviv, Ternopil and throughout Ukraine.”

Most disturbing of the effects of the spraying of this mutated swine flu virus over the Ukraine is the devastating toll it has taken on the people of that country, and as we can read:
“Almost 40 000 people got infected since yesterday in the Ukraine by what we still call the “Ukraine plague” but doctors have said recently that this is a stronger case of h1n1 or swine flu that has mutated and has that affect on the lungs where it destroys the lungs and fills it with blood.”

But, to the most horrible outcome of this mutated swine flu virus is the World Health Organization now reporting that it is killing people in France, Norway, Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine, and the United States as the death toll from this Global Pandemic is now reported to be nearing 8,000 and China now reporting that this deadly disease has now crossed over into dogs.

Important to also note in these reports is that the US spray plane shot down in China was reported to be targeting a secret Israeli base located in the Central Asian Nation of Kyrgyzstan, which many Ashkenazi Jews (Ashkenazi Jews make up approximately 80% of Jews Worldwide) consider their ‘spiritual homeland’ after their long exile their under Soviet Communist rule, and where Russian Intelligence Analysts report the Israelis are nearing the end of their decades long deciphering of the ancient Epic of Manas manuscript (with close to half a million lines the Epic of Manas is twenty times longer than Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad combined) that they believe contains our World’s oldest warning to our present age and which (coincidentally?) agrees with the ancient Mayan peoples that the year of 2012 will see the ending of our present age.

To the final outcome of these events it is not in our knowing; other than to state the obvious, that the truths of these things are continued to be ignored, even scoffed at, by the very people whose extermination has been longed planned by these monsters and is now being carried out, and who still have no idea whatsoever how truly easy it has become for them to be controlled by their propaganda masters.

One can only hope that they awaken before all is lost for them, the facts suggest they won’t.

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Sunday, 6 September 2009



An international corporate crime syndicate is about to force on the people of the world an unproven and toxic vaccine to achieve their political, spiritual and economic objectives.

Laws are in place in every country to stamp everyone who refuses to take these toxic jabs as a criminal - and the police are today entitled to use deadly force against criminal suspects.
That means, if I, for example, refuse this jab in Austria in the next few weeks, I will be classified as a criminal.

I have no criminal record. Yet I will have a criminal record for refusing to take this poison from a company, Baxter - being investigated by the police for deliberately putting live bird flu in vaccine material to trigger a pandemic - for refusing to consent to an action that will cause me death or deadly injury.

If you refuse this lethal jab in your country, you will be classified and registered as a criminal, too. The police, too, will be entitled to use physical coercion to force you to take this jab.
But who, here, is the real criminal?

There is overwhelming evidence that the people who are implementing this forced mass vaccinaiton plan are the real criminals.

It is a shame on us, the people, that we have allowed it to come to this point where the future of the entire human race is at stake, where liberty, life and civilization are just weeks away from total annihilation by a programme of forced mass vaccinations.

The mass graves have been prepared, millions of body bags and plastic coffins are standing ready: the concentration camps are waiting to act as quarantine centers.

It is a shame on us that we stand idly by and watch a group of criminals implement a genocidal plan of a scope and scale that has no parallel in our history.

All the evidence that the forced mass vaccinations with a toxic and unproved substance is a genocidal plan by WHO and UN, the pharmaceutical companies and the Rothschild, Rockefeller banking crime syndicate is there.

It is a shame on us, the people, that we have not learned the lessons of history and of the need to confront criminals and tyrants forcefully and courageously in good time.

How can we, people who break absolutely no law, allow ourselves to be stamped as criminals for refusing to go to our deaths by taking these jabs?
How can we meekly accept such a perverse and murderous law issued by decree by our so-called governments without any discussion or debate?
How can we accept that the infrastructure for genocide is being built around us as we go about our daily business and do nothing?
How can we accept that governments in secrecy implement plans to bypass hospitals and doctors and create secure vaccine centers to administer this poison to others and do nothing?

We have seen the 19-page document issued by the French Health Minister and Minister of Interior to start the forced mass vaccination in France from September 28th, just three weeks away.
It is a shame on us all, yes, a shame on us, if we stand by just one more day and watch this criminal plan unfold and do nothing to stop it.

The criminals are so arrogant, so hardened in depravity, so without any decency, honor or empathy as they pursue their restless search for ever more power, luxury and money, supporting each other in their abuse of their office in their secret networks, that for us to accept orders from them is a disgrace.

What person of dignity and honesty takes orders from a criminal?
What person of worth obeys the commands of murderous tyrants?

It is a disgrace for the French government to circulate in secret a plan for the forced vaccination of the entire population in four months in secure vaccine centers.
This is an act of treachery and perfidy on a scale that cannot be tolerated, not one single day longer.
It is a disgrace to us if we stand by and allow these monstrous killing zones to appear in our midst - and to start to operate in our midst in whichever country we live in.
It is a disgrace to us if we allow children and babies as young as six months old to be taken to such secure vaccine centers and for their lives to be destroyed under our eyes as we go about our daily business averting our eyes. It is a shame to every adult now alive in North America and Europe today.

Enough is enough.

We have a responsibility to take action to restore law and justice in our societies.

If we want to see enlightened, sensible government, we have a responsibility to see that it becomes a reality ourselves.

The days of criticizing governments are over: the time for toppling these criminals from their seats of power has come.

The days of going to vote in manipulated elections that bring no change are over. The time to take back our governments has come. The time to actually choose our leaders is here.
The days of reading the censored media is over; the time for thinking for ourselves has arrived.

We do not want a revolution of the kind proposed by the likes of Rothschilds agent such as Olivier Besancenot, the so-called postman in France, groomed by the Rothschilds to be another Stalin or Hitler. We do not want to swap tyranny for another tyranny, one criminal for another criminal.

We want a government that is founded on wisdom, love, justice and on the rule of law, that guards the treasures of very land, its people and its culture, and we will not tolerate the divide and rule tricks of this criminal gang any longer.

We want a genuine democracy in its original sence of the word, a living dialogue about how to shape our political, educational, health and economic structures so that they bring tangible benefits to all people, the humanity and the whole planet.

We want mechanisms that work and that ensure accountability from those in power, high ethics, competence and skill.

We want an end to the robbery by the banks and their allies in government of our real money - tax money, our savings and our pensions - by their financial manipulations that drive us into poverty and never ending debt.

We must take upon ourselves the responsibility for ensuring just such a government is in place. We have to be ready to fight.

It is up to us to display in our actions the honesty, energy, dynamism and principals that we wish to see in others.

We must never abrogate our power to criminals parading as our elected representatives again or fall for the tricks of people like Obama, Bush, Merkel, Sarkozy, Brown and Betancourt again.
They all sit around the same table with the Rockefellers and Rothschilds planning how to trick and deceive and destroy us for their profit and power.

We must shake off the habit of slavish deference to the morally depraved who hide behind the colour of their office to carry out robbery and brutal atrocities.

Respect is owed to those who are honest, intelligent and enlightened.

Respect is not owed to the pathological and greedy who parade around with all the symbols of high office, with pomp and ceremony, while planning the mass murder in secret of their own people.

Respect is not owed to people who surround themselves with all the luxury and airs of emperors when they have obtained that office only by bribes, deceit and corruption.

It is a disgrace to us if we allow elected representatives who are just gangsters flaunt before our eyes their corruption and flaunt before our eyes their plot - hatched in the labyrinth of corridors of their banks, corporations and ministries - to murder millions, if not billions of people by means of forced mass vaccination.

It is a disgrace to us that they have been allowed to come this far.

They bribe, blackmail the judges and the police and so turn the system of law and justice into something so corrupt it becomes a danger to us all because it allows these criminals to carry out their plans of genocide with impunity.

They have launched an undeclared biological war against the people of the world and they must be stopped now before they implement it in just two or three weeks time.

Now is not the time for hesitation, doubts, calculations, fear, despair or nihilism.

Now is the time for forceful action.

Each person alive today has a responsibility they cannot avoid. We are responsible for what we know. For our ignorance we are also responsible.

We are responsible for what we do - and for what we fail to do.

If we do nothing as people are murdered around us, we must bear the guilt.

There are only days or weeks left before this very real catastrophe occurs: in just days and weeks governments around the world plan to implement a mass vaccination programme.

This will at first be voluntary but that will quickly be replaced by physical coercion as time passes and as they trigger a pandemic themselves by injecting their toxins and viruses into the volunteers or simply spread another more deadly variant of the virus.

Some experts such as Dr Rebecca Carley say that this huge biological experiment will change the DNA of humanity forever.

Not a minute must be lost.

We must aim at more than stopping this crime, though, by force when necessary.

We must think long term and have as our objective the restoration of our constitutions, our fundamental rights, of a system of justice and law and order that truly work.

Because the same criminal gang has engineered the collapse of our economy for their benefit too, we have to think now about the sound economic policies that reward the creative and hard working and at the same time, we must recognize no civilization worthy of its name which neglects children who are its future, the mothers who must nurture those children or the elderly who are the repository of its experience and links in the chain to our past.

There will be many difficulties, many obstacles ahead, many traps and many agents in our midst creating strife, mystifying us, many so-called saviors like Betancourt and Obama, who are just tools of the crime gang.

But we have history to guide us. We have the example of Claus von Stauffenberg, who risked his life to try to assassinate Adolf Hitler, and then to launch a coup to topple the criminal Nazi government.

We have the example of Antoine Saint Exupery, who in his books such as A Flight to Arras, describes his grueling day to day fight for freedom and the dignity of every single person against the Nazi German tyranny.

Among the most inspiring defenders of freedom and justice are the ancient Greeks and their works are as fresh today as they ere when they were written 2,500 days ago. Who can compare with Plato?

Sophocles play Antigone about the need to stand up to those in power who think they are gods and who ignore the most basic tenets of morality is as relevant today as it was when Jean Anouilh reworked it during the second world war.

Everything that is great in the world of art, religion and history is on our side.

But unless we carry that greatness in our hearts and spirits today, and act upon it, our glorious civilization will be lost forever and humanity will be annihilated forever.

All the religions say the same thing: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Toaism all say the same thing: high ethical conduct and inner spiritual attunement to our Creator are the key to happiness and life.

We were created to honor God, the Creator of our marvelous universe and of us, human beings, gifted with a conscience, intelligence and feelings.

We were not created to honour psychopaths who parade down red carpets with tinkling golden watches and with nothing but treacherous and cruel schemes for destroying us through manipulative treaties such as the Lisbon Treaties, through wars and economic crises.

For us to bow down to such psychopaths is a disgrace.

Enough is enough.

We have to stand up straight and walk the walk like Thomas Jefferson, and not just read about them in history books.

We have to be ready to face death for our right to live in liberty and dignity as our Creator designed us to.

The time for a new era has come in which all the people of the world share in prosperity and justice and peace. And we must build that new era ourselves, and prove ourselves worthy of it by showing courage.

We must display the determination of a Stauffenberg and the compassion of a Saint Exupery.

We must show that compassion and courage today - and not tomorrow.

The lives of countless people depend on us. We must not let them down.